About me

  • Hello, my name is Alberto and I am a graphic designer. I think that both literature, film, music, theater, illustration and design are mere vehicles of communication, with many common features.

    I have dedicated my life to them, but it was the graphic design that has occupied my last years. You can find here my work, I hope you like it.

The method

  • Just as you cannot start building a house from the roof, I think all kinds of graphic expression must have a fundamental process for proper communication. It is a method that I use in any work in which I am involved, and which I have perfected over the years and experience.

  • 1.- Research

    Research is essential to understand the environment in which the design will unfold it is essential to know their language as much as possible for a proper communication.

  • 2.- Creativity

    After investigation, if I use different techniques of creative approach for two or three hours, noting each conclusion, using different techniques.

  • 3.- Conceptualize

    For me, the most important process of my work. I make concept maps and point out a line of work to follow. Always split in point, line, shape, color and texture.

  • 4.- Sketching

    With all the content developed in the concept, I start drawing like a jam session, bounded by a defined key, that allows me to improvise with consistency.

  • 5.- Prototypes

    I choose the finest sketches and perfect them, then I develop a presentation explaining the process.

  • 6.- Feedback

    The client and I share our impressions about the design delivered, bringing his approach to the final design.

  • 7.- Final art

    With everything developed and approval of the customer, I reach the final art, ready for later use. From here the different variants would be developed for all graphical application needed.




  • Master degree in graphic design, ELISAVA

    Postgraduate, in graphic design, ELISAVA

    Superior technician in graphic advertising, Pablo Picasso

    First certificate in english, Cambridge University

    Secondary school, IES San Clemente

    Primary education, Eusebio da Guarda

  • Experience